Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria , Olayemi Cardoso and the Country’s Economic Team is currently with a Joint Committee of the Senate.

The economic team says it is not oblivious to the economic challenges Confronting the country as it is working tirelessly to address this challenges through the implementation of policies and programmes.

Already, the CBN says it has started to record early results especially in the Foreign Exchange Market with an inflow of about of 1 billion dollars as a result of monetary policies already put in place

The CBN projects that with the inflation targeting framework already put in place , it sees inflation moderating to 21.4%

The Economic Team also says it has partnered with relevant stakeholders involved to strengthen to its advisory functions to government.

The Joint Committee on its seems satisfied with the presentation, but they want the federal government economic team to speed up the implementation of various interventions so that Nigerians can begin to feel the impact.

Although the Committee admits that the country’s current challenges is no fault of the current administration , but urged them to strengthen their efforts in improving the situation.