By Aremu Mary Oluwatoyin, Offa

In the early hours of Thursday 28th, 2024, Confidence News Nigeria’s Aremu Mary Oluwatoyin came across engineers cutting damaged asphalt on the popular alternative road from Total Junction to Agun Roundabout, the road further link to communities like Ipe, Sanji areas in Offa. According to a background check by this reporter, the state government will also rehabilitate the dilapidated Halleluyah to Atan Oba road, it will be recalled that the Hon. Supervising Commissioner for Works, Abdulqowiy Olododo visited the roads yesterday to ascertain the situation of the two roads, the commencement of the rehabilitation is however linked to the commissioner’s inspection.

In an interaction with the engineers spotted at the rehabilitating road, the team lead Engr Kazeem Babatunde told this reporter that cutting off the damaged spot on the road is the preliminary stage, filling, stone base, beetles, and asphalt laying will come in batches. However, when asked about the possible completion date of the two roads, Engr Kazeem said “As I have said, we are just starting with the primary stage, we have to wait for further instruction because we are contracted workers, if we are fast enough here, we are going to work on the other road too” the seasoned engineer assured fast delivery of the roads.

Saka Ikolaba 32 spoke with this reporter “This is the shortest road to my house, the rehabilitation is timely, I plead to the engineers on site to fast-track the rehabilitation and to fear Allah in this holy month on the quality of the job to be done.” it was a different story with Mukaila Rashedat a roadside trader, in her words “Please spare me that talk, there is a more dangerous road the govt should respond to, not these ones, Rondo road is after our lives, she concluded.”

Aremu Mary Oluwatoyin is a student journalist and works as a reporter with Confidence News Nigeria