By Temitope Muhideen

The once-bustling streets of Rondo-Ikotun in Offa town have been reduced to a state of disarray, as the abandoned road project has left residents and shop owners in a state of despair. The incomplete road, which was initially intended to improve connectivity and enhance the local economy between the people of Offa and the neighboring community of Ikotun, has now become a source of frustration and hardship for the residents and shop owners.


“We were promised a modern and efficient road network, but all we got was a half-finished project that has made our lives miserable,” said Mrs. Johnson, a local resident. “The dust and potholes are unbearable, and the lack of proper drainage has turned our streets into a flood zone during rainy days.” I have been to the hospital two times this month, whenever I cough, blood follows, this road is after my life” she lamented

Abandoned section of the road

Shop owners are also feeling the pinch, as the abandoned project has led to a significant decline in customer footfall. “Our businesses are suffering due to the poor state of the road,” said Mr. Thompson, owner of a local store. “Customers are reluctant to come to our shops due to the difficulty in accessing our area. We urge the authorities to complete the project as soon as possible.” Alhaja Kofoworola Salawu.

The community is calling on the relevant authorities to take immediate action to complete the project, which has been stalled for several months. “We understand that delays can happen, but the lack of communication and progress is unacceptable,” said Mr Abdulqadir Yunus. “We demand a timeline for completion and regular updates on the project’s status.”

The abandoned road project has not only affected the local economy but also poses a safety risk to motorists and pedestrians. “The incomplete road has led to several accidents, and we fear for our safety every time we use the road, the woman selling rice beside me has permanently closed her shop, she is now asthmatic as a result of continuous dust. said Mrs Bintu Rasheed.


Sometimes in 2022 the state government through the Ministry of Works and Transportation announced the commencement of comprehensive renovation of the St. Claire- Rondo – Ikotun road, a road that further linked Offa Town to Ikotun Town. It’s important to note that from Offa to Ikotun on that axis is about 7 kilometers, initially the state government said in its capacity “1.6km” part of the road would be constructed which means that “ if completed, the part will fall inside Offa township part of the road “. In what many see as a partnership towards good governance, Distinguished Senator Oyelola Yisa Ashiru (Kwara South) announced a comprehensive renovation of a 2.5km part of the road, bringing the total expected fixed part to 4.1 km with a possible deficit of 3km to Ikotun Town.


The reporter visited the road and found that the state government had made some progress on certain parts of the road. However, work has been suspended for over a year, and the sections that have been fixed are deteriorating rapidly. This could potentially lead to additional costs for the government when they eventually return to work on the abandoned road., this reporter was able to ascertain the measurement of the fixed part by the government with the help of experts, out of the 1.6km that KWSG promised, only 800km was fixed, leaving out 800km untouched.

On the other hand, the 2.5km by Sen. Ashiru has been fixed, although, upon getting to the completed section of the road by the senator, the signpost that talks about the breakdown of the road, as well as the facilitator, did not indicate Sen. Ashiru’s name, all attempts to reach his aids for clarifications prove abortive.

In conclusion, the abandoned road project has caused significant frustration and hardship for residents, shop owners, motorists, and pedestrians, the community urges the government to take immediate action to complete the project and restore the lost glory of the area.

Temitope Muhideen is the publisher of Confidence News Nigeria