It shouldn’t have bothered me much and i wouldnt have taken the pain to respond if this “open letter” was opened, only to offa. At least, I know the wonderful people of my beloved community are more discerning and far more intelligent than me and some Paid Impostors. However, responding becomes inevitable because of vast majority of people outside Offa that may not be privileged to know the true position of things.

To start with, maybe this writer and his sponsors should, atleast, play politics with some modesty and responsibility without bringing people, whose grieves are not reparable, into unnecessary agony. Its painful enough to lose loved ones, but being tossed up as a political pawn despite the agony is not only insensitive but irresponsibly criminal. I just hope the people concerned can find a place in their hearts to forgive these inchoates.

Little did I understand the age long adage……the devil cries more than the bereaved. The hypocrisy of the writer was laid bare when he attempted a crocodile tears for a so hated me by feeling sorry for becoming an “ordinary” S.A. POLITICAL after serving as Commissioner in more than two ministries. Well, if that ignorance is lost to the writer and his co-travellers, Iam not in doubt that a few of them knows better.

Someone, who used to be in the other side of my political affiliation, once told me that what they used to do is find a way to pick an issue with Femi Whyte if they are unsure of their lives trajectory. Since then, I have grown a very thick skin and learnt to look away, no matter the level of provocation, whenever some people decide to act to type. However, I appreciate and understand the fact that the easiest way to gain relevance is to throw a jab at Femi, what I will take exception to is an attempt to cause bad blood and cast aspersions to a well applauded and peacefull process by one MR “Sulieman” or whatever the name of the faceless writer is, just because of a tasteless pot of potage. I advise he learns to give honours to whom it is due. The calibre and character of people involved in the process are too impecable for an unknown quantity like this to demean. And up till this moment, none of the respected elders/stakeholders that participated in the consensus/primary process for the emergence of APC Chairmanship candidate in Offa Local Govt has ever come out to deny their participation or endorsement of the process.

I really do not want to elevate the opinion of these people to merit getting into needless arguments, but a process where more than three quarter of aspirants that participated have congratulated the eventual winner may not be one to scoff at.

I wasn’t expecting some few bad losers to keep quiet and accept the defeat however, I feel really flattered that I Femi whyte is assumed to be so powerful to such a level that I decide the fates and direction of the beautiful people of my wonderful town that is so blessed with such calibre of people that some state can only dream of. The said Femi must be very great.

There is no doubt that kwara, nay, Nigeria as a whole knows what our father, both in life and in politics, Chief J.S Olawoyin stands for. So, for one of the daughters of this political juggernaut to participate and even accepted to be a running mate of the winner of such a keenly contested primaries speak volume of what kind of efforts that was put into the process. It is therefore so sad for these cowards, who refused to come out for an election that was thrown open to the general populace, to now come out and blame their luck on these hard working lots.

I will reserve further observations untill when these clowns are bold enough to come out for a proper challenge so that they can be schooled in what democracy is all about.
We have moved, preparing for the most important exercise on 21st of September when Offa people will confirm and stand by APC candidate at the poll.

Femi Whyte writes from Offa.