The First Lady of Kwara State, Olufolake Abdulrazaq, is one woman who is dedicated to uplifting her community, and making a positive impact on the lives of the people around her.

Over the years, she has embarked on several philanthropic endeavours that have touched the lives of many. From empowering women and the youth through skills acquisition programmes to providing support for vulnerable people, she has constantly shown her commitment to serving others.

Her notable works in that regard include the establishment of a foundation— Ajike People Support Centre— which focuses on education and healthcare initiatives for under-served communities in Kwara State.

Through the foundation, she has provided scholarships to deserving students, while improving access to quality healthcare services, and creating opportunities for economic empowerment.

Indeed, Olufolake’s passion for giving back to her community is evident in her approach to philanthropy. Whether she is visiting orphanages, organising health programmes, or leading community development projects, she is always at the forefront, leading by example and inspiring others to join her in making a difference.