By Muhammad Bashir Shuaib and Olayiwola Kerimat Omobolanle

Transportation has long been a cause for concern among University of Ilorin students, particularly for the new students. This has been a common belief among the student population, in this exclusive report by Confidence News’s Muhammad Bashir Shuaib and Olayiwola Kerimot Omobolanle, freshers of the Better by far university expressed their shock at everyday stress.

In a report by the Daily Trust in 2023, the Director of Corporate Affairs of the institution, Kunle Akogun stated that steps are being taken to address these challenges and improve transportation services for students shortly. This reassurance suggests that the University is aware of the issue and actively working towards a solution.

However, in the information gathered from the University’s new students on the 14th of February 2024 during the matriculation ceremony, the new students shared their experiences in boarding transport to and from the University campus.

Abdulmuiz Muhammad, a political science student, deeply expressed his dissatisfaction with the university transport service for how the transportation issue gave him a very terrible experience on campus. In his words, “Transportation causes stress to students, and it is one of the great challenges for every student. As a new student, a coursemate of mine fainted in the park due to transportation stress some weeks ago. The stress is worsening the situation. Imagine being in a long queue for transport from 3 p.m. and boarding transport at 6 p.m.,” he expressed with deep regret.

Adewale Abisola also expressed her experience with the difficulties of boarding transport to school as a student living off-campus. She expressed how the long queue in the park is usually a problem for getting to the campus with ease; people always end up pushing themselves when the long queue becomes unbearable.

She said, “I remember joining the people in the queue to push one day because I was in a hurry to board transport. On joining the pushing, I didn’t know how my hand and my phone got squeezed together in the body of the commercial bus, and I got injured through the incident.”

Meanwhile, Ayodeji, another new intake in the Criminology Department noted that the students boycotting the queue is one of the major problems of transportation. He insisted that if the arrangement is not well sorted and treated with equality, the problem will keep occurring. Similar to what Ayodeji said, Hamza Barakat narrated her experience with the transportation issue from the campus back home. She said, “Pushing, dragging back, and students not adhering to the regulation of following the queue are the major problems in boarding transport to and from campus.” 

Suggestions to Reduce Transportation Stress by Students

Abdulmuiz, after his narration on how the long queue can make students stay for over 3 hours before boarding a bus, suggested that Unilorin’s student numbers have expanded beyond just Korope; larger transport buses that can accommodate more students should be introduced by the students’ representatives in collaboration with the school management, he concluded.

Just like Abdulmuiz, Adewale Abisola also makes a similar suggestion that the university needs more buses.

Meanwhile, Ayodeji of the Criminology Department emphasized the students’ adherence to the queues and always abiding by the rules laid down by the transport teams and workers in the park.

Muhammad Bashir Shuaib and Olayiwola Kerimat Omobolanle are journalists and work as reporters with Confidence News Nigeria.