The Kwara South Youth Development Association ( KWAYORG) marked a significant turning point in its history with the inauguration of its new executive leadership on Saturday, June 15th. The ceremony, held at Igbomina House, Ganmo in the Ifelodun local govt area of Kwara State, was attended by members, guests, and dignitaries, and featured inspiring speeches, music, and a symbolic handover ceremony.

The incoming executive, led by President Dan Sarafa, is poised to build on the organization’s achievements and tackle pressing social and political issues. The new leadership team is committed to amplifying the voices of its members and driving positive change in the community.

” KWAYORG has a rich history of advocating for social justice, equality, and democratic values. We are dedicated to continuing this legacy and exploring new ways to engage with our members and the wider community,” said President Dansaraffa in his inaugural address.

The outgoing executive was recognized for their dedication and contributions to the organization’s growth. “Their tireless efforts have laid a solid foundation for us to build upon,” acknowledged the incoming President.

KWAYORG embarks on this new chapter, it reaffirms its commitment to advocating for the rights of marginalized communities, promoting social justice, and fostering a more equitable society. The new executive is eager to engage with members, stakeholders, and the wider community to drive meaningful change, the BOT chairman Hon. Raheem Adedoyin Asserted.

Elder Statesman Oyin Zubair advised the entire members of KWAYORG to receive Mian resolute in their quest for better representation in the region, he, however, cautioned the youths against unnecessary insult all in the name of criticizing govt both locally and nationally.

The inauguration ceremony was a celebration of the organization’s resilience and dedication to creating a better future for all. With its new leadership in place, the SPO is poised to continue making a positive impact in the lives of countless individuals and communities.