Ilorin, Kwara State – April 18, 2024 – Kwara NANS stakeholders, convened today in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, have unequivocally condemned the reprehensible attack on Comrade Ibrahim Abdulrazak Imam (Jeje) in Abuja on April 15th, 2024. The brutal assault, orchestrated by Lucky Emonefe and Akinteye Babatunde (Babtee), has left Jeje, a senior comrade from Kwara, with severe injuries, including bone fractures and wounds, as captured in a disturbing viral video circulating online.

The barbaric nature of this attack cannot be overstated, and it demands urgent action from law enforcement agencies to prevent any further escalation of violence. While expressing solidarity with Jeje as he undergoes treatment in the hospital, the NANS Kwara stakeholders assert the following demands:

  1. The immediate apprehension of Lucky Emonefe and Akinteye Babatunde (Babtee) as the masterminds behind the vicious attack.
  2. The arrest of all individuals involved in the assault, as evidenced by the viral video footage, to ensure they face the full consequences of the law.
  3. A strict deadline of seven days for the apprehension and custody of these criminal elements to ensure swift justice and forestall any potential escalation of tensions.

Furthermore, the NANS Kwara stakeholders urgently call upon the National Stakeholders of the National Association of Nigerian Students to intervene decisively in addressing this heinous act. Failure to do so will compel Kwara State to reconsider its membership within the NANS body.

In closing, the attack on Comrade Ibrahim Abdulrazak Imam (Jeje) is not merely an assault on an individual but an affront to the entire community of Kwara comrades. Consequently, Lucky Emonefe and Akinteye Babatunde are hereby declared persona non grata in Kwara State by the collective decision of Kwara comrades.

We urge all concerned parties to act swiftly and decisively to ensure justice is served and to prevent further acts of violence.

Thank you, and may justice prevail.

Yours in struggle,

Lawal Olalekan (Auto)
NANS Kwara Stakeholders Forum