By Abdulrasheed Akogun

In the annals of human history, the concept of a good family name is an enduring pillar that carries with it immense burden and significance in equal measures.

In ancient Greece, the renowned city-state of Athens epitomized the value associated with a prestigious family name. The Athenians believed that their lineage imbued them with a certain wisdom and virtue that set them apart from other city-states.

Pericles, a statesman and orator, stood as a prime example of an heir who not only upheld the virtues of his ancestors but also expanded upon them.

Embodying the democratic ideals of his renowned family, Pericles transformed Athens into an intellectual and cultural hub, overseeing the construction of magnificent architectural marvels such as the Parthenon.

Though skepticism often surrounds the inheritance of a good family name, it is indeed worth noting that history bears witness to countless heirs who surpassed expectations and crafted their own legacies.

These exceptional individuals took their ancestral foundation as a solid springboard for their aspirations, extending the reach of their forebears’ accomplishments. The ability to build upon a good family name lies not simply in knowledge or wealth, but in the inherent character and values that pass from generation to generation.

My first encounter with the subject of this piece, Mal. Muktar Shagaya was at the behest of my delectable Egbon, brother and ‘friend’, Amb. Abdulfatah Yahyah Seriki at his palatial home in Abuja, more than 6 months before his eventual, unforgettable official foray as an aspirant for the highly coveted Ilorin West/Asa House of Reps seat.

Mal. Shagaya joined us for an almost 3 hours dissection of general discussions that hovered around the Kwara polity, the participation of Young vibrant Kwarans in active politics, especially the elective among several others.

He left me and my lumbar vertebrae, Comr. Ibrahim Sheriff Gold, with no doubt of his sound Analytical mind, intellectual endowment and clarity of thoughts.

Even though he was a lesser known Shagaya as at then, yet he exhibited glaring knowledge of the Kwara political dynamics.

He eventually went ahead to not only get the nod of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to fly its ticket, he won the election in the most dramatic manner.

I must confess I built a mansion of excuses why his anticipated first year must be a flop and why it must be excused as a teething problem of a young man thrown into politics by providence and elevated to a near pinnacle within the twinkle of an eye.

Yet, he’s turnout to be undoubtedly one of the brightest lights flying the flag of the Harmony State of Kwara at the National Assembly as a whole.

Despite being the youngest and least experienced among the Kwara contingent, he has proven that age and political inexperience are not obstacles to success.

Some of his major legislative interventions includes sponsorship of motion or bills;

● Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999) (Alteration) Bill 2023 (HB.115).
● Federal Medical Centre Afon, Kwara State (Establishment) Bill 2023 (HB.223).
● Motion on the urgent need to address the emerging outbreak of diphtheria in Nigeria.
● Motion advocating for the Rehabilitation of the Ilorin-Offa-Osogbo-Ibadan-Abeokuta-Lagos Railway line.
● Health Education Practitioners Board (Establishment) Bill, 2023 (HB.891).
● Federal Cancer Research and Treatment Centre, Calabar, Cross River State (Establishment) Bill, 2023 (HB.892)
● Federal Cancer Research and Treatment Centre, Abeokuta, Ogun State (Establishment) Bill, 2023 (HB.893).
● Federal Colleges of Education Act (Amendment) Bill, 2023 (HB.593).
● Compulsory Free Universal Basic Education Act (Amendment) Bill, 2023 (HB.594)
● Co-sponsored a bill for the establishment of state police.
● Motion advocating for the nationwide prohibition of Styrofoam and single-use plastics.
● Presented a petition on behalf of the residents of CRD City Layout No. 0235 in Lugbe aimed at addressing the challenges faced by a constituent and her community before the House.

One of his remarkable achievements is his commitment to connect with his constituents. He has organized mini town hall meetings and consistently engaged with the different stratas of his constituents and that’s why he’s highly rated amongst even the opposition party in the State.

Thus, he’s always not only timely with interventions like empowerment, Palliative among others, his efforts are often apt and well suited. Some of such constituency outreaches includes;
● Appointment of Liason Officers across 29 wards in Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency.
● Capacity building and skills acquisition program for youth and women in Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency.
● Maiden Town Hall meeting with stakeholders across Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency.
● Relief Cash Empowerment of #50,000 and #100,000 to 1500 Constituents.
● Empowerment of Subsidized Tricycles “KEKE IRORUN” to 5 Constituents.
● Distribution of writing materials to students across the Constituency.
● Scholarship opportunities for students in the Constituency.
● Palliative support for constituents of Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency.
● Sponsored 350 JAMB Forms for 2024.
● Distributed rice palliatives to 1,200 households (50kg bags of rice per household) and 6,000 individuals (10kg bags per person) across the constituency.
● Facilitated Over 50 Motorized Borehole across 29 Wards in Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency.
●Held a stakeholder engagement to discuss the best way to distribute the supplies in a fair and equitable manner.
● Distributed Relief Materials to over 1000 Flood Victims in Ilorin West and Asa through NEMA
● Distributed Christmas and New Year Packages
● Facilitated Solar Powered Borehole to Elesinla Community, Ajikobi, Ilorin West Local Government.
● Facilitated Solar Powered Borehole to Orogbangba Community, Pasa in Asa Local Government.
● Facilitated Solar Powered Borehole to Sebutu Compound, Ojuekun/Sarumi, Ilorin West Local Government.
● Visited the Technology Incubation Center in Ilorin.
● Distribution of Writing and Reading Materials to Students in Ilorin West/Asa Federal Constituency
● Monthly Funding of Medical and Financial Support.

The budding Politician has proven to be the biggest revelation in the Kwara 2023 elections. Despite his age and relative political inexperience, he has achieved remarkable success through his performance, connection with constituents, and active participation in core legislative activities.

While he’s still hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres away from Eureka, his achievements deserves being highlighted, and encouraged, which is expected to spur him to continue his excellent work. It is essential that he does not rest on his oars but instead strives for even greater achievements, else his case will be like that of Brazil in the 1996 Olympics epic football final against Nigeria.

I urge his other colleagues at the National Assembly to rededicate themselves to fulfilling their campaign promises and effectively represent the electorates who entrusted them with the sacred celestial mandate.

Abdulrasheed Akogun is an Ilorin, Kwara State based journalist, he can be reached via