Mariah Thomas, aged 26, faces charges of endangering the life of a child after authorities discovered her one-month-old daughter, Za’Riah Mae, lifeless with severe burn injuries, as detailed in an arrest warrant.

Law enforcement responded to distress calls at Thomas’ residence in Kansas City on the day following her birthday, reporting an infant in distress.

Upon arrival, officers found the newborn suffering from extensive burns, her clothing fused to her skin, a tragic scene that left even the most seasoned professionals shaken.

A close friend of Thomas, speaking to DailyMail, described Za’Riah as a joyful baby, always wearing a smile. However, she hinted at possible mental health issues plaguing Thomas, suggesting they might have contributed to the horrific event.

According to Za’Riah’s grandfather, he received an alarming call from Thomas urging him to return home immediately due to an emergency concerning the baby. Upon his return, a horrifying sight awaited him – Za’Riah, lifeless in her crib, allegedly placed there by Thomas in a tragic accident involving an oven.

Subsequent investigations revealed Za’Riah’s body in a car seat, marred by apparent thermal injuries. Her clothing was melted onto her skin, and a charred baby blanket was recovered as evidence.

Thomas, despite initially invoking her Fifth Amendment rights, consented to authorities obtaining a blood sample and accessing her phone records during interrogation.

Contrary to her portrayal as a devoted mother on social media, Thomas had previously expressed feelings of neglect, lamenting the lack of support for both her and Za’Riah.

Currently incarcerated at the Jackson County Detention Center, Thomas awaits trial as the community grapples with the unthinkable tragedy that has shattered lives.