By Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim (MAI)

Kwara State was once the home of the under listed vibrant companies:

1. Wrist Watch Company, Buari near Okeya

2. Kadico Industries (Maker of Tubes and Bicycle), Igbaja

3. Global Soap and Detergent Industry, Ilorin

4. Nefraday Farms Nigeria Limited

5. Nigeria Paper Mills, Jebba

6. Okin Biscuits Nigeria Limited, Ijagbo

7. Okin Foam, Ijagbo

8. Okin Malt, Ijagbo

9. Nobel Breweries Nigeria Limited, Ijagbo

10. Resinoplast Nigeria Limited

11. Union Steel Industry, Ajase Ipo

12. Kay Plastic Nigeria limited

13. Appolo Electronics Nigeria Limited

14. Rajrab Pharmaceutical Limited

15. Odun Ade Industry

16. Tate and Lyle Nigeria Limited, Ilorin

17. Patigi Rice Mill, Pategi

18. Kwara Textile Limited

19. Josepdam Sugar Company (Formally Bacita Sugar Company), Bacita

20. Lafiagi Sugar Company, Lafiagi

21. Kwara Commercial Metal and Chemical Industry

22. Panat Feeds Nigeria limited

23. Olalomi Carpets, Offa

24. Demosco Nigeria Ltd (Toilet Rolls), Erin Ile

25. Nigeria Yeast and Ethanol Company

26. Erin-Ile Paper Converter, Erin Ile and

27. Matches Manufacturing Company, Ilorin amongst others

It should noted that the above listed moribund companies were owned by the Federal Government, Kwara State Government, Private Individuals that are either dead or alive and corporate bodies.

So many factors are usually responsible for companies to go into extinction or fail completely.

Some of the factors are; Unfriendly government policies, harsh economic environment, lack of transparency and adaptability by the managers/owners, lack of adequate funds/funding, corruption, poor corporate governance, epileptic power supply, influx of sub standard products, draconian policies of the government, high inflation, high foreign exchange, poor succession planning and lack of good business management amongst.

There should be conscious efforts to regig those moribund companies and reposition them for employment opportunities and unquantifiable benefits.

This is due to the fact that those moribund companies can generate millions of jobs for Kwarans and other Nigerians.

Not only that, it will no doubt reposition the State of Harmony as an industrial Hub devoid of the Civil Service State mentalily/syndrome.

The time to regig those moribund companies is now because there is need to create more jobs for the teeming unemployed youths.

Due to lack of jobs, some of the youths are not gainfully employed, they are helpless, harpless and unfortunately some of them have taken to drugs and other Social vices due to lack of self control and discipline. The effects of drugs and other social vices on those youths can better be imagined than described.

A strategic committee can be set up by the Kwara State government in order to critically look at the remote causes of why those companies are moribund and suggestions/recommendations should be made on how to resurcitate them as well.

Thereafter, a special trust fund can be created specifically to resurcitate those moribund companies.

Not only that, the Federal Government of Nigeria can also create special intervention funds for those moribund companies.

The aforementioned is doable if the political will is there because the structures of some of those companies and even machines are still there but unfortunately they are laying fallow and unproductive.

Whereas, in those days all the aforementioned moribund companies are the pride of Kwara State.

Why can’t we bring them back on stream please?

In the light of the above, conscious efforts must be made to make Kwara State a very productive State so that more revenue can be generated by the government in order to improve the internally generated revenue (IGR) of the State.

It is well with Kwara State. Amen!

MAI is a Pencil Manufacturer, a Chartered Secretary and Administrator cum Social Commentator and can be reached via