The Kwara state Consensus movement rose from its monthly meeting today with the following resolutions.

The movement is committed to working hand-in-hand with Governor Abdulrazaq to continue the positive changes and progress in Kwara State.

The meeting also discussed the importance of unity and collaboration among party members to ensure the success of the Governor’s administration and the overall development of Kwara State.

Furthermore, the group pledged to actively participate in grassroots mobilization and sensitization campaigns to ensure that the Governor’s vision and projects are well-received and supported by the people of Kwara South.

To ensure fairness and inclusivity in the governance of the state. The group recognizes the Governor’s leadership and respects his judgment on important political matters that will shape the future of Kwara State.

The Kwara Consensus movement appreciates the giant strides of the governor in building lasting and sustainable signature projects that will impact positively on the economic turnaround of the state.
It also pledge support for the Governor in which ever political direction he deems fit at the Senatorial districts of the state, including advocating for a power shift if deemed necessary for the greater good of the people of Kwara.

The group is committed to working together with the Governor and other stakeholders to achieve a united and prosperous Kwara State for all.