By Confidence News Nigeria

In a remarkable display of solidarity and support for women who are small-scale business owners, the foundation for community development, MOK Foundation has donated cash to another set of beneficiaries under its empowerment scheme, the financial gesture is aimed at empowering women, enabling them to be free from financial constraint.

The new set of beneficiaries is 35 in number, five of the beneficiaries received thirty thousand nairas while thirty others received fifteen thousand nairas, the gesture extended to the beneficiaries is a result of promoting gender equality by the foundation.

According to the representative of the MOK Foundation, “Women empowerment is important in nain-building, as it prioritizes supporting women so that they can be financially stable, MOK foundation will not relent in its pursuit of making sure that distribution of wealth gets to the needy” Mr. Abiodun Adegulo also assures the people that the MOK Foundation under the leadership of Alhaji Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode will continue to invest in women for a prosperous community”

The beneficiaries in unison appreciate the kind gesture of the MOK Foundation “The foundation was a lifeline for us, we were struggling, and we appreciate MOK Foundation for giving us hope, they concluded.