By Temitope Muhideen, Confidence News Nigeria

In a bid to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals to attain soft skills, on 23 April 2023 this medium reported that the Foundation for Community Development (MOK Foundation) has sponsored ten persons to pursue different tech courses at One Innovation Hub (ONEIH) Offa, Kwara State, the beneficiaries completed their two months training today after an intensive tech training with tech experts, the beneficiaries have showcased their UI/UX design projects, demonstrating their newly acquired skills in user interface and user experience design.

Four out of the ten April 23 beneficiaries showcased their UI/UX design projects today under strict supervision from tech experts, with significant emphasis on their individual abilities.

Abdul Rasheed Hassan Opeyemi presented “Superway Grocery Store” he explained his point of attraction, an online platform for purchasing groceries, he was able to attract the minds of tech experts during the presentation with thunderous applause.

Abdulsalam Quadri Oluwafemi showcased “Formulation Compass”, a project focused on product design and application development for an agro-chemical company.

Bello Bashira Olajumoke’s project, “PharmBissy Tech”, is an online pharmaceutical company; Balogun Aisha Tinuola presented

“Hotel Booking.Ng”, an online platform for booking hotel accommodations.

The showcase of UI/UX design projects marks a significant milestone in the beneficiaries’ journey, demonstrating their ability to apply their acquired skills in real-world scenarios and create practical solutions for various industries.

The projects include online restaurant booking apps, recipe apps, online grocery malls, digital literacy projects, and online pharmaceutical companies, showcasing the participants’ ability to think creatively and develop innovative solutions.

The success of the program reflects not only on the participants but also on the MOK Foundation’s dedication to empowering individuals with the skills to thrive in the digital era. The foundation’s commitment to improving lives and promoting digital inclusion has made a positive impact on the community, and the beneficiaries’ achievements are a testament to the power of technology in bridging the digital divide.

Speaking on behalf of the MOK foundation Mr. Ademola implored the beneficiaries to continue pushing toward their collective growth “ This is an opportunity to leverage in the tech world, you are fortunate to have enjoyed this wonderful opportunity from MOK Foundation, please don’t stop, keep on trying and the sky won’t stop you”

The Beneficiaries appreciate the founder of MOK Foundation Alhani Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode for the opportunity given to them, they assured him of their commitment to using the experience gathered at the hub positively, and they also plead for his continuous support.

As the tech industry continues to evolve, the need for skilled professionals who can design and develop innovative solutions is increasingly important, the leadership of the hub appreciated the MOK foundation for nurturing a new set of tech experts who are ready to excel in the tech world.

The MOK Foundation’s initiative and the beneficiaries’ achievements demonstrate the potential for technology to drive growth, innovation, and positive change in the community.