By Confidence News Nigeria

The Foundation for Community Development (MOK Foundation) has released updates on its farm project, reaffirming its commitment to equitable distribution of resources and opportunities among vulnerable groups.

This reporter paid a visit to the farmland, tuber crops like cassava are in their early stage of germination, maize, and others are in their second stage.

The foundation’s farm project, launched early this year where the Foundation purchased 50 Hectares of land mainly for farming purpose for the benefit of the underprivileged, aims to enhance food security, improve livelihoods, and promote sustainable agriculture practices. The project has made significant progress, with the following milestones achieved:

– Land preparation and planting of high-yielding crops

– Installation of modern irrigation systems

– Training of local farmers on sustainable agriculture practices

The MOK Foundation has assured that the project’s benefits will be distributed equitably among vulnerable groups, including:

– Widows

– Orphans

– People living with disabilities

– Low-income households

The foundation’s Executive Director, Mr. Lawal Saheed, emphasized the importance of inclusivity in the project’s implementation. “We recognize that vulnerable groups often have limited access to resources and opportunities. Our farm project is designed to bridge this gap and ensure that everyone has an equal chance to benefit.”

The MOK Foundation’s commitment to equitable distribution is reflected in its partnership with local community-based organizations, which help identify and support vulnerable individuals and households.

As the project progresses, the MOK Foundation remains dedicated to its mission of promoting sustainable development and improving the lives of marginalized communities.

By prioritizing equitable distribution, the MOK Foundation is not only contributing to food security and sustainable agriculture but also promoting social justice and equality in Nigeria.