The Foundation for Community Development (MOK Foundation), a renowned philanthropic organization, has congratulated Omituntun and Eluku on their emergence as the candidates of APC and PDP respectively in the forthcoming local government election.

In a statement released by the foundation, its founder, Alhaji Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode (MOK), expressed his warmest congratulations to the duo on their well-deserved victory. “We are joyous to see dedicated and passionate individuals like Omituntun and Eluku emerge as candidates in this election,” he said. “Their commitment to serving our community is truly inspiring, and we have no doubt that they will make a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve.”

The MOK Foundation, known for its community development initiatives, has been a strong advocate for good governance and leadership. By congratulating Omituntun and Eluku, the foundation is encouraging and supporting leaders who share its values of service, integrity, and compassion.

Omituntun and Eluku’s emergence as party candidates is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and passion for public service. Their campaigns during the primary elections show they are mature individuals who will not follow the dirty lane of politics, I enjoined them to focus on issues that matter most to the people, such as development, education, healthcare, and economic empowerment.

The MOK Foundation’s felicitation is a morale booster for the candidates and a reminder that their efforts are recognized and appreciated by the community. As the election approaches, the foundation urges all stakeholders to conduct themselves peacefully and responsibly, ensuring a free and fair process that reflects the will of the people.

In conclusion, the MOK Foundation’s greeting to Omituntun and Eluku is a heartwarming gesture that celebrates their achievement and encourages them to continue their good work. The foundation’s support for leaders who embody its values is a testament to its commitment to building a better society for all.