By Bapai Takai, Confidence News Nigeria

The Foundation for Community Development , a renowned non-profit organization, has taken a significant step towards promoting technological advancement and entrepreneurship by paying the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration fees for 10 beneficiaries’ of its sponsored tech programs.

According to the Foundation’s Director, this gesture is part of their commitment to supporting innovators and entrepreneurs in the tech industry. “We believe that technology has the potential to drive economic growth and improve lives. By covering the CAC registration fees, we are enabling these 10 beneficiaries to focus on developing their innovative ideas and turning them into reality,” the Director said.

The beneficiaries,are enthusiasts and startups in the tech industry. They will receive comprehensive support, including mentorship, training, and resources, to help them succeed in their respective ventures.

The MOK Foundation’s initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the tech ecosystem, fostering innovation and job creation. By empowering these 10 beneficiaries, the Foundation is contributing to the growth and development of the technology sector in Nigeria.

This philanthropic effort demonstrates the MOK Foundation’s dedication to supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and community development. Their commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities is truly commendable.