By Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho

Success for a person begins with others, be it family, friends, neighbors, or strangers. Nobody ever helps a stranger without a reason; he or she is either expecting something in return from the person they are helping or expecting them to return the favor by contributing to society. Today’s society, however, is devoid of many kind individuals because those in positions of authority show little interest in supporting the younger generation. As long as this mentality persists, they will not provide the necessary support, believing that there will not be a significant return on investment from their assistance. And such behaviors have an impact on the next generation as well as society.

Growing up as the firstborn in the family, I view the responsibility as a challenge even though I know I will eventually take it on. Every single thing that crosses my mind raises a question, like: Where should I begin? I just know that a person must do what they must do without looking back in hopes of a reward; no one is coming to help. I overcame my fears because there are two things you can do when you encounter a lion in the bush: either kill or outrun her in a running competition. A lion won’t flee or turn away from you unless one of these two things occurs. “What do I need to provide for the people (my younger ones)?” Seeing them around whenever I have free time makes me wonder where, how, and when my struggles will earn me the money I need to take care of them, so I occasionally wonder about that. They are amazing to me; in a way, they are my life. However, even though life appears to be difficult, we manage to survive by finding new ways to do things. And as the proverb goes, “He who is in need must help himself first.” On that, I committed to finishing the race, no matter what the outcome.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that this country will survive because of certain people who are returning opportunities and value to our state and nation. Where do you think this country will be in two years, given that there are ideally two people like him in every community? Everything we had been lacking would eventually materialize, in my opinion, and it will be seen beyond today. Help is currently needed in our beloved country, especially for the youth, who need someone to look out for them and who will support them in achieving their goals. In my opinion, the man who founded the MOK Foundation is a true hero who is honest and unambiguous. I look forward to meeting him in person because of the invaluable good deeds he has done for society and the fact that he doesn’t ask for gratitude from anyone. Since our government is unable to match what he does or has done, he holds the title of philanthropist in the state. He is a rock for all of us young people and students in Kwara State.

Alh. Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode, the founder of the Mok Foundation, is incredibly influential in Offa and the state of Kwara overall. His selfless contributions to society reveal more about who he really is. Despite the fact that nobody knows how he makes his money, figuring out that aspect is another method to try to bring him down. His way of living demonstrates his credibility and his passion for the advancement of our younger generation. How can a foundation owned by a certain person continue to sponsor young people as though he was born with a silver spoon when that isn’t the case? Despite my preconceived notions about him and how he portrays himself, I find it endearing that he continues to bless people in both public and private settings. He wants everyone to transcend their upbringing and desires, which is why he continues to make accommodations for anyone in need and even chooses at random, demonstrating his intelligence.

Of course, I was aware of him before today regarding his charitable endeavors. I used to regularly read about him in the News Bulletin Nigeria published by Taofik Adekunle Jimoh (Jaat), but these days, I read him more in Confidence News Nigeria . His story even inspired me to write this. Because getting to know such a brilliant mind, philanthropist, and well-known person will help me grow, and everyone can learn from him in turn. He offered slots for the WAEC to more than 300 students who wanted to continue their education in January alone. Now, he is offering free JAMB registration to anyone who meets his requirements or happens to be on his list. Even though I never benefit from him, his scholarship, or his sponsorship, anyone who provides opportunities for less privilege and makes the less fortunate feel better deserves recognition. He deserves recognition from everyone who is concerned about his contributions to humanity, even though these aren’t really accolades. With that, I’m here to honor and bless him. You truly embody the saying, “We rise by lifting others.”

Even though life goes on after death, the number of people who care about other people is what causes humanity to expand daily. Individuals who are passionate about helping others, such as the MOK Foundation’s Alh. Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode, do so without expecting anything in return. Instead, their actions are motivated by their love and passion for the development and prosperity of this nation. Every living being has a success story, no matter how big or small, and when that time comes, nobody can tell or claim to be able to pull themselves out of poverty without having a single dollar in their possession. The only way I see for us to advance as a nation and for each person to build their empire is through the gradual process of life, which requires human survival. Because how do you think it will work among the rich among us if rising by lifting others doesn’t work among us lesser people?

To all philanthropists, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for writing this. No one is getting paid for it; I just think Alh. Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode is worth it. I implore him to continue down the path until everyone can shape their destiny. Alh. Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode, we appreciate your efforts to assist us young people to the best of your ability. Nobody wishes for your downfall; everyone always hopes for your success. I hope the MOK Foundation has the best possible life journey and accomplishments.

Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho is a journalist and works as a reporter with Confidence News Nigeria.