The results of the toxicology test, which was carried out to ascertain the cause of death for the deceased singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, are in.

State attorney Oluwaseun Akinde acknowledged the examination’s American origins at a November 2023 session at the coroner’s court in the state’s Ikorodu district, according to the report from Eyes Of Lagos.

Mohbad’s Autopsy: Toxicology result ready, analysis begins

Akinde mentioned that the autopsy focusing on the external body of the deceased had been completed, while the toxicology test aimed to investigate internal factors.

Subsequently, an official from the Lagos State Government, requesting anonymity due to lack of authorization to discuss the matter, informed our correspondent on Thursday that the test results had returned to Nigeria. Additionally, he mentioned that a copy had been forwarded to the police.

“The toxicology test is ready and given to the police. We projected 10 weeks from the outset but it came in before then. The laboratory that would have done the job was burnt down during #EndSARS protest.

“So the sample has to be taken abroad and now that it has been brought back, it is for the police to proceed with their investigation and charge people who needed to be charged to court and call on the government to prosecute, but as it is, I think the Lagos State government has done what it should do, the ball is now in their court,” [/b]the official disclosed.

A source within the Lagos State Police Command, seeking anonymity due to not being authorized to speak to the press, affirmed the result.

[b]“The toxicology report is with us. It arrived on Monday but it is medical jargon for us. We don’t understand what it is. Even you will never understand what it is. So, it has been sent to the pathologists who carried out the autopsy to interpret it in layman’s terms. Once the interpretation is out, it will be announced through the office of the PPRO,”
 the source revealed.