The world renown scholar, Nelson Mandela, once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world.” As rightly stated by the South African Nationalist, education is powerful, formal, or informal, it is the most virile instrument of change and development of any nation, state, or region. The power of education is indefatigable.

Lens Polytechnic Offa is one of the educational institutions in Nigeria building formidable structures to change the world by prioritizing quality education, nurturing talents, and building manpower for national development.

Established in the year 2012 as an Innovative Educational institution with 4 Tvet programs. With a short-term strategic plan by its visionary management, the institution transformed into a full-fledged Polytechnic in 2016 with a clear vision, mission, and core values.

As part of its vision to be a leading private Polytechnic in Nigeria, Lens Polytechnic has been applauded by the National Board for Technical Education, NBTE as a role model to all other private Polytechnics in Nigeria. A testimonial remarks by the NBTE North Central Zonal Coordinator, Dr. O.O. Bello during the exit briefing of resource inspection of additional 8 programs in the Polytechnic.

Lens Polytechnic is unique and beats competitors with her uniqueness and mode of standard operation to bring education to the grassroots. The institution is setting an agenda for other sisters Polytechnics queuing into its policy and programs implementation.

With full accreditation of courses by the regulatory agency, that is NBTE, the Polytechnic runs about 30 standard academic programs with 18 at the National Diploma level and 12 at the Higher National Diploma level, making it the only private Polytechnic with the highest numbers of accredited courses in Nigeria.

As a technical institution upholding the tenets of the Polytechnic mandate, Lens Polytechnic is boastful of sound students and graduates worthy in learning and character.

Recently, a Computer Science student from the institution, Yunus Oyetunde was honored as the first Nigerian to be shortlisted by the World’s largest tech company, Apple as an ethical researcher.

In a similar development, the polytechnic Mass Communication students competed with their counterparts from the Universities in Nigeria and were applauded for their outstanding performance at the Pitch-a-ton advertising competition, which took place at the University of Ilorin. The competition not only exposed the students to opportunities but further proved the institution’s standard and quality of education.

Lens Polytechnic is an institution where talents are nurtured and exposed to the world. Over the years, the institution has produced multi-talented graduates making waves in their various fields of endeavor.

Through creativity and display of talent, the first Miss Lens of the Polytechnic became Miss Imo State, the second Miss Lens of the Polytechnic became Miss Oyo State and another Miss Lens is the current Miss Tourism for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Through creativity, two of the footballers from the Lens football team are currently playing for Nigeria and a female student from the Mass Communication Department represented Nigeria in Ghana in a Volleyball game.

Similarly, many of the graduates of the Polytechnic were awarded at different National Youths Service Orientation Camps for participating and winning debate competitions.

The Lens, as the name implies, has set a remarkable standard to maintain its current position as the best private Polytechnic in Nigeria in less than a decade.