By Confidence News Nigeria

The Lekan Adewoye Foundation (LAF) has embarked on a philanthropic mission to empower over 2000 individuals with essential items and resources. The foundation’s recent initiative has provided food items, cash, grinding machines, sewing machines, and other vital tools to support and enhance the livelihoods of numerous individuals. This generous gesture aims to alleviate struggles and foster economic growth within the community.

The distribution of resources was met with immense gratitude from the beneficiaries, who expressed their appreciation for the foundation’s kindness and generosity.

“We are deeply grateful to the Lekan Adewoye Foundation for their support,” said one beneficiary. “These resources will significantly improve our lives and enable us to become self-sufficient.”

Speaking at the event, the Paramount King of Ajase IPO who doubles as the chairman of the Igbomina traditional council Oba Ismail Yahaya Alebiosu appreciated the founder of the foundation for finding it necessary to help those who are in need “ he respected our royal stool that’s why I am convinced about his plans, I wouldn’t have lead other kings here” he said, Oba Ismail advised the beneficiaries not to misuse the opportunity”

Speaker of the Kwara State House Of Assembly, Hon. Yakub Danlad who represented the executive governor of Kwara state eulogized the Lekan Adewoye Foundation for the mega empowerment “ This empowerment is a key component of the administration of Kwara State Governor, I am happy than an individual is putting this together” He also advised various beneficiaries not to sell the equipment given to them, he admonished politicians to emulate LAF for the betterment of the citizens.

The Founder of LAF Prince Lekan Adewour while speaking to pressmen at the event, said “Lekan Adewoye Foundation started 25 years ago, the mission of the foundation is to empower and transform the people, we are focused on the main aspects of human endeavor (Poverty, Health, and Education), and we believe that it’s our collective responsibility to better the lives of the people, government can not do it alone.”

“Everybody whom God has blessed should give back to the community, it’s a must for people like us to be a catalyst of change that will give us the type of nation we want to see” Chief Lekan concluded.”

Dignitaries across different political parties were present, Kwara State APC Chairman Prince Sunday Fagbemi, the KWAHA delegation led by Rt. Hon. Saliu Yakub Danlad, APC and PDP party chieftains, Kings, and technocrats were all in attendance.

The Lekan Adewoye Foundation’s initiative is a testament to the power of philanthropy and the impact it can have on people’s lives. The foundation’s commitment to empowering the community is a shining example of kindness and generosity, and its efforts will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the lives of over 2000 people.

By providing food items, cash, grinding machines, sewing machines, and other vital tools, the Lekan Adewoye Foundation has demonstrated its dedication to supporting those in need. The foundation’s initiative is a beacon of hope for many, and its efforts will continue to inspire and uplift the community for years to come.