Speaking on the price outlook, Babatunde asserted the question was difficult to answer at the moment because of the increase prices of building materials.

He stated, “It would be difficult to answer the question presently, I would have spoken on it if it were last year. You know what the price of cement was a few weeks ago, you know what it is today, so I think it is better for the people who would be constructing the facility to drive the cost, but we must control it. In terms of road accessibility, the access is being planned by the government.”

The Special Adviser noted that the relocation was gradual and consultations with market leaders and the development of the katangua site had already commenced.

He disclosed, “We are planning with the people, they are also ready and we will continue to carry them along on the katangua plan.”

It was earlier reported on Saturday that the Lagos State Government was set to relocate the Computer Village from Ikeja to Katangua in the Abule-Egba area, in a bid to re-organise the markets in the state.