In a press statement released to our medium, the leadership of Peoples Democratic Party in Kwara State lauds President Tinubu for upgrading Kwara’s Harmony Diagnostic Centre, Ilorin. The statement reads:

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara State has commended President Bola Tinubu’s government for its decision to include Harmony Advanced Diagnostic Centre, Ilorin, a legacy project of the PDP government in Kwara State, among the health facilities slated for upgrading across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Despite Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s persistent attempts to undermine all projects initiated by the Saraki/PDP administration, including his relentless efforts to kill Harmony Advanced Diagnostic Centre and other important Kwara projects, this action by the Federal Government further vindicates the PDP’s regime. It underscores our commitment to establishing institutions for the progress of Kwara before Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s administration sets the state on a backward trajectory since his inception in 2019

In a statement issued by the Party’s Publicity Secretary, Olusegun Olusola Adewara (Sholyments), in Ilorin on Saturday, the PDP commends President Tinubu’s government for its approach in building upon the legacies of the PDP administration.

This move by the federal government serves as a resounding disapproval of Governor Abdulrahman’s disruptive governance in Kwara State borne out of political envy , inferiority complex of the Governor occasioned by his unnecessary competition with Saraki’s political leadership and established that government must be seen as a continuous process by all political players who are interested in state building

Furthermore, we call on President Tinubu to also explore revitalizing the Shonga Farm Holdings, Cargo Terminals at Ilorin Airport, Aviation College and the Water Reticulation agenda , all of which have unjustly suffered vicious attacks under the Abdulrahman-led government and are at the brinks of collapse solely because they were initiated by the PDP/Saraki’s administration.

It is imperative to recognize that the vision behind Shonga farm is to establish Kwara state as a hub of mechanized farming capable of contributing to food security and producing farm products in commercial quantity, especially in this challenging time facing our country.

Similarly, the Cargo terminal at Ilorin Airport was strategically put in place by the Saraki-led PDP administration to play a pivotal role in facilitating cross-border businesses, particularly as Kwara was transitioning to an industrial state. It is disheartening to witness this visionary project being substituted with mundane tailor shop where sewing machines, procured at inflated prices, are stored by the AbdulRahman Government to decieve people of Kwara and divert taxpayer’s money as no meaningful progress has been made since completion of the project.

In conclusion, we advise Governor Abdulrahman to shed his arrogance and humbly seek insight from his predecessors, who have all demonstrated commendable performance in governance. It is instructive to note that promising institution such as Harmony Holdings, Kwara Express, Soludero Transport scheme , Kwara hotel and others that have been ruined by Abdulrahman’s disruptive governance are all agencies providing jobs for Kwara people and contributing to social wellbeing of the state

It is our hope that the Governor utilizes the remaining part of his tenure to retrace his steps by taking moves at rectifying the wrongs and prevent Kwara from further deterioration under his administration’s watch.


Olusegun Olusola Adewara (Sholyments)
State Publicity Secretary
Kwara PDP.
February 17, 2024