By Temitope Muhideen (Convydence)

A story broke out two days ago in the media about the arrest of the former governor of Kwara state by the EFCC. For some of us in the press, we saw it coming, but for the majority of Kwarans, it was long overdue. During the early days of Governor Abdulrahman’s administration, several allegations were made about various financial improprieties committed by Abdulfah Ahmed’s administration. These ranged from the UBEC fund saga to other allegations. It is worth noting that this is not the first time he has been invited by the EFCC in 2021.

Sometimes in 2022 the audit report, commissioned by the state government, said public funds were looted from the treasury without any project to show for the funds withdrawn. “The audit also showed that N2 billion cash withdrawals, not tied to any project or official expenditure, were made within eight days in February 2019, barely one month to the general election,” Rafiu Ajakaiye, the chief press secretary to KWARA state government said.

Also speaking during the submission of the audit report to the state government, Partner at the SSAC and Professionals, Anthony Iniomoh, said the report is in two volumes covering Internally Generated Revenue; Capital Receipts; Internal and External Loans; Recurrent / Overhead Expenditure; Personnel Cost (Salaries and Wages); Capital Expenditure; Assets Disposed of; Kwara State Internal Revenue Service; Infrastructural Fund Kwara (IFK); Harmony Holdings Limited; amongst others.

Following the release of allegations to the public, the Kwara State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) issued a statement through their former Public Relations Officer (PRO). The party blamed the state government for attempting to frame Ahmed, and urged the anti-graft agency to take action if Ahmed is truly guilty of the numerous allegations levied against him by the state government. The party’s media team follows the same part.

According to reports from various news sources, on Monday 19th, the EFCC arrested the former governor of Kwara state. He was allegedly involved in a 10 billion naira fraud during his time in office. As of now, he has been in EFCC custody for three nights. The EFCC has stated that he will be arraigned in court after they complete their investigation. In response to his arrest, members of the Kwara PDP, led by the state Publicity Secretary Olusegun Adewara, staged a protest at the Ilorin zonal office of the EFCC, demanding his release. Adewara also accused the Kwara State government of being involved in the arrest of the former governor.

The Kwara branch of the PDP has issued multiple statements in the past, challenging the state government and anti-graft agency to prosecute Ahmed. However, they are now calling for his release after his arrest, which seems contradictory. When people prioritize emotions over the rule of law, it raises concerns about their commitment to justice. In this case, the PDP has once again demonstrated a lack of integrity as a party. The resources of Kwara state belong to everyone, and anyone found guilty of embezzling these resources should face the full extent of the law. No amount of emotional protest can change this fact. The law is the law and must be upheld.

Hypocrisy is a dangerous disease, and those who use it as a way of life are a problem to community development, those people can be found in Kwara PDP, speaking with the two sides of their mouths. In a recent development, I have read comments from known PDP warriors alleging the state government of a bigger crime, labeling various projects in the state as a strategy to fraud, as Kwarans waited for 8 years before Amhed ordeals started, they may have to wait till the expiration of Abdulrahman’s tenure, then they can call for the driver head. As I always admonished, history will not be a bastard.

Temitope Muhideen is a member of Greenfield Library Limited, Atlanta Georgia USA.