By Confidence News Nigeria

The Kwara Consensus Movement (Offa LG chapter), under the leadership of Hon. Abdulwahab Agbaje (Femiwhyte), prioritized the holy month of Ramadan by distributing food items such as rice, milk, sugar, and others to residents of Offa, Kwara state. The group also donated cash to beneficiaries to help alleviate the impact of unseen inflation in the country. The event was well-attended by many supporters, including elites, who came out in large numbers to support the cause of the group.

In his remarks, Dr. Lanre Folorunsho, the Atayase of Offa land, appreciated the timely intervention of the Kwara Consensus Movement in reaching out to the needy. He also praised Hon. Femi Agbaje for his responsiveness towards the people and the community at large. The newly appointed chief, Abobase of Offa land, Alhaji Abdulateef Adebowale Adedeji, former General Manager of Radio Kwara, appreciated KSM on behalf of the beneficiaries. He prayed for Hon Agbaje and the members of Kwara Consensus Movement in Kwara state.

Hon. Agbaje unequivocally assured the people of his unwavering support and vowed to persist in the development plan for Offa and Kwara as a whole.

Mrs. Rodiat, one of the beneficiaries, prayed for Hon. Agbaje and promised to support him at all times. “The food and cash donations will go a long way, at least for the rest of Ramadan,” said Mrs. Ikolaba Zainab with a stern face. She also prayed for Hon. Femi Agbaje.

The Kwara Consensus Movement members from Offa LG also offered prayers for the group’s leadership and reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to the group’s vision and mission. One member expressed admiration for Hon. Femi Agbaje’s philanthropy during challenging times, noting that despite not holding a political office, he continues to support the community.