By Muhammad Bashir Shuaib

After a distressing period of drainage and flooding problems, the residents of Agunko-Abata Shuban in Maikabara can finally breathe a sigh of relief as Kwara State Govt has initiated the continued construction of a drainage channel in the area.

Following a damning report by Confidences News Nigeria’s Muhammad Bashir highlighting the challenges faced by the residents due to drainage issues, the Governor wasted no time in taking action. The report detailed how the lack of proper drainage in the area has caused severe flooding and erosion, leaving residents stranded and their properties damaged.

The construction of the Agunko-Abata Shuban drainage channel, located in Adewole Ward of Ilorin west LGA, is a much-needed relief for the residents who have been living in fear of the next heavy rainfall. Once completed, this project will not only solve the drainage issues but also prevent further erosional disasters that have plagued the area for years.

The swift response by Governor AbdulRazaq and his administration to address the problems faced by the residents of Abata Shuban is commendable. It goes to show that when the media sheds light on critical issues, action can be taken to bring about positive change. The residents of Abata Shuban can now look forward to a safer and more secure environment, thanks to the Governor’s timely intervention.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Alada Community in a phone conversation with this medium pleaded with Kwara State Government to extend the resurgence of the drainage construction to his community, he said “many houses in the Alada community are now emptied as a result of an unstoppable flood, please re-echoes our pains to the government.

Muhammad Bashir Shuaib is a Journalist and works as a reporter with Confidence News Nigeria