In a remarkable display of philanthropy, the MOK Foundation has donated cash to small-scale business owners in Ijara Isin the headquarters of Isin local government, to support their entrepreneurial ventures. This generous gesture is aimed at boosting the growth and development of small scale businesses in the community, thereby promoting economic prosperity and improving the standard of living.

The cash donation ceremony, which took place at the Ijara Isin hall, was attended by over 50 small-scale business owners who were presented with cash grants to support their various ventures. The beneficiaries, who were selected based on their business potential and financial needs, were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

Speaking at the ceremony, the representative of the MOK Foundation, Mr. Muhideen Bameke, emphasized the importance of supporting small-scale businesses, which he described as the backbone of the economy. “Small scale businesses are the engine of growth and development in any economy,” he said. “They provide employment opportunities, generate income, and stimulate economic activity. By supporting them, we are empowering individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.”

The cash donation is part of the MOK Foundation’s entrepreneurship support initiative, which aims to provide financial resources and support to small scale businesses in Nigeria. The foundation has been at the forefront of promoting entrepreneurship and economic development in the country and has supported numerous businesses with funding, mentorship, and training.

The community women leader, Madam Kofoworola Aisha appreciates the MOK Foundation for providing assistance to small-scale business owners who need sustainability to keep their businesses moving, she enjoined the beneficiaries to make use of the donations to improve the success story of their businesses.

The beneficiaries of the cash donation were full of praise for the MOK Foundation, expressing their gratitude for the support. “This cash grant is a game changer for my business,” said one of the beneficiaries, who owns a small fashion design business. “I can now expand my operations and meet the growing demand for my products.”

Rasak Raxheal, another beneficiary, who owns a small food processing business, expressed her appreciation for the foundation’s support. “The cash grant will help me to upgrade my equipment and increase my production capacity,” she said. “I am grateful for the MOK Foundation’s support and encouragement.”

The MOK Foundation’s cash donation to small scale business owners in Ijara Isin is a testament to its commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and promoting economic growth in Nigeria. The foundation’s efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of many small scale business owners, and have contributed to the growth and development of the economy.

In conclusion, the MOK Foundation’s donation of cash to small scale business owners in Ijara Isin is a laudable initiative that demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to entrepreneurship and economic development. The foundation’s support for small scale businesses is a testament to its dedication to empowering individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.