Muhammad Bashir Shuaib


A Facebook page “Kwara Updates” posted a picture of 2 Lions in a cage appearing malnourished and claimed the picture was for the Lion in Jos Zoo.


Misleading! Findings by Confidence News Ng revealed that the image has been circulating online since 2021 and is now being recycled

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A Facebook page, Kwara Updates posted the picture on its wall on the 12th of June 2024, the Image which has generated reactions from different netizens has been shared 12 times.

In the post, the caption reads ” Lions in Jos zoo, Nigeria. Even animals in Nigerian zoos are feeling the impact. Nigerian is happening to everything.”

An online user posted a picture of two malnourished lions and this sparked concerns among online users, with one commenter expressing dismay at the state of Nigerian zoos, while another fretted about the potential danger posed by the apparently malnourished lions, one of the comments under the post reads; “Who do us like this in 9ja, things that supposed to be bringing money to the society, instead they spending millions to another man tourism.”
Another comment under the post also indicates that the appearance of the Lion in the image is in a bad state and it can be too eager to harm human beings upon sight, he concluded he cannot let any of his family visit any Nigeria Zoological garden, the comment reads: “That’s the reason I can never allow any of my family to visit Nigeria zoo… imagine this one catch human being with this hungry looking shape …. Nigeria zoo.”

Confidence News Ng can confirm that the picture has been widely shared on social media and has generated reactions, hence decided to run an investigation.


Confidence News Ng conducted a Google Reverse Image search on the image and it was found that the image has been circulating since 2021.

Several sources from Google reverse image search

Going further in the research, it was revealed that the same image was posted on Facebook by “De citizen Techiman” on November 17, 2021, with a caption indicating that the lions were at Accra Zoo, starving to death. This discovery suggests that the image has been recycled and reused, casting doubt on its source and context.

A 2021 Facebook post by De Citizen  Techiman claiming the Lions in the image belongs to Accra Zoo


The claim that the picture of two Lions looking malnourished is from Jos Zoo is Misleading. While the actual source of the image is not known, verification showed that the image has been in circulation for several years, and its recent resurfacing is driven by different factors.

Muhammad is a Journalist and works as a reporter and fact-checker with Confidence News Ng, he can be reached via