In a surprising turn of events, rumors are circulating that the presidency may throw its weight behind Olusola Oke in the upcoming Ondo State gubernatorial elections. This potential endorsement could be a game-changer in the state’s political landscape, setting the stage for a heated and closely watched race Confidence News Nigeria learnt.

Sources close to the presidency suggest that Oke’s track record and vision for Ondo State have caught the attention of top officials. His promise to prioritize agriculture as a cornerstone of the state’s economy and his readiness to tackle confronting issues head-on have resonated with key decision-makers in Abuja.

If this speculation proves true, it could signal a significant shift in the political dynamics of the state. Oke, a seasoned politician and former governorship candidate, has long been seen as a formidable contender. However, without the backing of a major political party or the presidency, his path to victory appeared challenging.

With the presidency potentially throwing its support behind him, the race for the Ondo State governorship primaries becomes even more unpredictable. Oke’s supporters are energized by the news, seeing it as a validation of his candidacy and a sign of his ability to unify the party and the state.

On the other hand, opponents are gearing up for a tough battle, knowing that they will have to work twice as hard to compete with the resources and influence that come with presidential backing. The stage is set for a showdown that will not only shape the future of Ondo State but also send ripples through the political landscape of Nigeria.

As the countdown to the primaries begins, all eyes are on Oke and the presidency, waiting to see if this rumored alliance will come to fruition. One thing is certain: with the stakes so high, the race for the Ondo State governorship has never been more intense or more crucial.