By Temitope Muhideen, Confidence News Nigeria

Over 50 damaged boreholes are to be repaired—— Alhaji Tunde Salahudeen, member of MOK Foundation

In its effort to bring relief and comfort to the people in rural communities, the Foundation for Community Development (MOK Foundation) has begun massive repairs of damaged boreholes across various communities in Kwara South.

The boreholes that have not been functioning for decades have been restored by the MOK Foundation, the massive repair kickstart at towns like Agbeku in Ifelodun Local Govt, Oore Community in Ifelodun Local Govt, Gaa Saabo Yaro Alenibare Oyun Local Govt, Gaa Jowuro Isin Local Govt.

In a video made available to this medium by the foundation, residents of the mentioned villages were excited as these damaged boreholes were fixed by the MOK Foundation. Speaking on behalf of the Fulani in Gaa Jowuro Isin, Mallam Aminu Yisa said “ Before now, community members had to walk long distances to fetch water from unsafe sources, leading to various waterborne diseases, and the overall well-being of our people, we sincerely appreciate the MOK Foundation for dicing our boreholes, may Allah continue to guide them”

It was not a different story in Agbeku town where about two damaged boreholes were fixed on the same day, we are very happy that after a long year, we can now drink water directly from our borehole, a resident said in excitement.

Speaking to this medium, a key member of the foundation Alhaji Tunde Salaudeen reiterates the foundation’s commitment to making life better for ordinary citizens “ We are embarking on massive repair of boreholes across Kwara south, we have started today, we are going to repair more than 50 boreholes in different communities, this is in line with the vision of the founder of MOK Foundation QS Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode, he is passionate about helping people and communities”

The repair project involved a thorough assessment of the boreholes, replacement of damaged parts, and installation of new pumps and pipes. The community was actively involved in the process, with residents providing labor and support to the repair teams.

The completion of the project has been met with excitement and gratitude from the community. “We are so happy to have clean water back in our community,” said one resident. “Our children can now drink safe water, and we no longer have to worry about waterborne diseases.”

The repaired boreholes have also had a positive impact on the community’s economy, as residents can now focus on farming and other productive activities without worrying about accessing clean water.

The success of the project is a testament to the power of collaboration and community-led initiatives. As one community leader noted, “This project shows that even the smallest efforts can make a big difference in people’s lives.”

The community is now looking forward to continued support and maintenance to ensure the boreholes remain functional for years to come.

Temitope Muhideen is the publisher of Confidence News Nigeria