Nigerians have contributed about N500,000 to support Chinaza Nwaezere, the woman who gained widespread attention after disclosing her involvement in prostitution, also known as hookup, to fund her goitre surgery.

Comicmiss2, the comedian who initially interviewed her in the viral video, disclosed Nwaezere’s identity to PUNCH Online.

Nwaezere had in the interview, revealed a swelling in her neck region and said she was diagnosed with goitre.

She said, “I started (hookup) in November 2023. I have made money but I have this health issue.

“This is the major thing that brought me to the street. To get money and pull it out.

“I know that God will surely help me.”

Comicmiss2 told PUNCH Online that the crowdfunding efforts have raised N500,000 thus far, despite challenges such as the removal of their initial video from Facebook.

“People are contributing, though but the video on my page was taken down because people reported it,” she said in a chat with PUNCH Online.

It was earlier reported that Nwaezere could not be reached, with even Comicmiss2 unable to make contact with her.

But in a video update, they reconnected and visited a hospital for a scan on Monday.

Comicmiss2 disclosed that the scan results would be ready in a week.

The comedian had to create a new video with Nwaezere after the initial one was removed, to seek further funds.

The total cost of surgery remains uncertain until the test results are received.

Speaking in the new video, Nwaezere expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support.

She said, “I am so happy to have people like you in my life. I never knew that a day like this would come. That help would locate me. I can’t wait to return to my normal self so people will stop avoiding me.”

The comedian revealed that Nwaezere would stop coming out to the streets and the money raised would be given to her after the surgery.

When asked what she would do after the surgery, she said, “The handwork I learnt is baking. I can bake and cook food.

“I would like to also sell baby clothes. I know how to do that.”