By Confidence News Nigeria

Olayiwola Kareemat a student of University of Ilorin who doubles as a campus reporter for Confidence News Ng attended the stakeholder engagement workshop organized by Webfala Disoyal Skills for All Initiative in Ilorin, in a statement released to this medium by Miss Kareemat, she felt elated and ready to explore the world of digital journalism, the statement read:

I attended a stakeholder engagements workshop on the 18th of March 2024, representing Confidence News Nigeria. The workshop was organized by Webfala Digital Skills for All Initiative (WDSFAI) and was focused on the theme of “AI and the Future Election in Nigeria”. The workshop brought together various stakeholders, including INEC, CSOs, journalists, NSCDC, NPF, lawyers, tech experts, and the general public. The goal was to navigate the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and its impact on shaping the future of elections in Nigeria.

Participant shares the experience during the last election and makes

recommendations on how artificial intelligence can help to improve elections in Nigeria and urge INEC to do better in the pre-, during, and post-election periods.

The organization emphasized on the issue of misinformation,disinformation and deep fake and the menace they can cause to the societies (As a picture or a video of a person can be clone to say what the person is not saying) and urge all stakeholders and individuals to be always cautious of sharing information and make sure it has been fact checked

The stakeholders also recommended solutions for government to deploy resources to acquired software that would help in identifying information so that the security agent will better equipped with it and also ,provision of tools for fact-checking of information at various traditional media,To counter balance information as it is being circulated.

During the syndicating session by the stakeholders the recommendations are;

*Ensuring fair voting for people with disabilities using AI

*Fortifying Technology Security in Nigeria’s Election

*E-voting using AI

The participants gained valuable insight, tools and strategies to harness the potential of technology for informed decision making and impactful initiatives