Dear Amiable Mother, A matron so great whose impact is far from flat and whose love knows no bounds for the people to progress, with open arms she nurtures and surrounds. Senator Khairat is a philanthropist with a heart of gold, She selflessly gives her compassion to humanity while her generosity extends to every corner.

In the realm of politics, she stands tall, a true leader, inspiring one and all, her dedication to public service is profound by working tirelessly with her influence is renowned. Senator Khairat’s wisdom guides the way with grace and poise, she brightens each day with her words of wisdom, like a gentle breeze, which inspires change and brings people to their knees.

On this special day, the Coalition of Progressive Youth forum celebrates the senator’s life, for all the achievements, and the battles she’s strife with and wishes her joy and happiness with heart, as she continues to make a remarkable mark.

Happy Birthday Anniversary to you ma, wish you longevity, prosperity, and unlimited blessings in your new age, May you thrive and prosper bijahirosulullahi

Mallam M.J Maisalati
State Coordinator.

Comrade Ridwan Abdulwahab Oyekanmi
State Secretary

April 23, 2024.