A week after the afrobeat virtuoso, popularly known as Davido’s wedding to his most preferred better half, Chioma in Lagos, the oozes and waves of the event are still pellucid and the most talked about in the media arena. The wedding acronym ‘Chivido’ remains on the top list of the jamboree, where the dollars rain heavily. The wedding is not only a constellation of stars, but it is also a conglomeration of bourgeois, business moguls and billionaires. Chivido is a wedding of cliques with expensive ‘steeze’ and composure.

Adeleke’s family of Ede, a town in Osun State, is on the front burner of the wealthy household with influence and affluence. They are a big family known for unity and togetherness; one needs not to be told about their family bond, it is obvious from the dance steps of the Governor of Osun State, Gov. Ademola Adeleke, even though he loves dancing, he excessively did that to celebrate his cousin, his dancing prowess added splendour to the wedding.

The family has gained its formidability as a force to be reckoned with in many spheres of life. The late patriarch of the family, the Second Republic Senator Raji Ayoola Adeleke, Serubawon himself was a respected community and Islamic leader. His wife, Nnena Esther Adeleke (nee Akpara) hailed from Akwete, Ukwa East local government area of Abia State, and was not only a Christian but the founder of a Cherubim and Seraphim church in Ede.

Unarguably, family is one of the factors to look deeply into before getting married, of course, Davido earned a pass mark if Chioma should look into Davido’s family background. Any woman will not in any way feel reluctant to join Adeleke’s family, not only for their affluence but a remarkable trajectory as a responsible family from Ede. Based on other criteria, Davido is never a perfect man, like other celebrities, he has his scandalous allegations from baby ‘mamas’ and side ‘chics’. Despite Davido’s presence in the media for different cheating allegations and stories, Chioma looked away and kept things on low-key.

Women are the best managers, they know what they want and know the best way to protect and preserve their interests. What women cannot manage is themselves. They lose their temper and unveil their temperament cheaply. For Chioma, she knew what she wanted, she calmly preserved her wants amidst threats and tried her best to manage her emotions in the league of reproach, jibes, and tantrums.

Obviously, Davido’s wedding to Chioma has no link to the death of their son, Ifeanyi. Davido loves Chioma not because he assured her in one of his lyrics but, he prefers to upgrade Chioma from the baby mama zone because of her heightened maturity and endurance in the face of provocations that could have resulted to clout-chasing and name-calling in the media. Of course, Chioma could have ended up like other baby mamas who constantly give content to creators and headlines to journalists to discuss. Until the last moment of the wedding, Davido was still in the media for alleged negligence of his daughter because of the refusal of the baby mama to offer her body. Celebrities’ lifestyle is not tied to a woman. What differentiates Chioma from others is her endurance to keep things behind the scenes.

As Davido gave assurance to Chioma to protect her dignity, respect her and connect her, Chioma has equally from all indications given assurance to Davido to keep their relationship off media. It is an endurance journey to Adeleke’s family. The wedding remains one of the best so far in Nigeria, well planned and organised. It deserves the attention in the media. A big congratulations to Chivido. The honour is well deserved.