On Valentine’s Day, the Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) PADDEDGIRLS team embarked on a significant endeavour at Government Girls Day Secondary School, Okesuna, Ilorin. The occasion not only involved the donation of 53 reusable sanitary pads but also encompassed a comprehensive menstrual hygiene training session for secondary school students, coupled with instruction on the production of reusable pads.

Under the banner of “LOVE YOURSELF: Promoting Menstrual Hygiene to Celebrate Love,” the initiative sought to enlighten and sensitize young girls about the critical aspects of personal and menstrual hygiene management throughout their menstrual cycles. Alabi Tawakalitu Omolara, the PaddedGirls Team Lead, passionately conveyed the importance of hygiene practices during menstruation, providing guidance on the appropriate utilization of sanitary pads to prevent health complications.

Moreover, the session included practical training sessions on the fabrication of reusable pads, empowering the students with skills to produce sustainable menstrual products. This holistic approach not only addressed the immediate needs of menstrual hygiene but also fostered self-sufficiency and resilience among the participants.

Ms Haleemah Adeaga, another esteemed member of the team, delivered insights on the significance of personal hygiene for females, advocating for cleanliness habits such as maintaining clean undergarments and regular washing routines.

The students actively engaged with the session, posing pertinent questions concerning their menstrual health, all of which received thorough and informative responses.

The Principal of the school extended gratitude to BBYDI for their impactful initiative, praising the sustainability of reusable pads and suggesting the establishment of a reusable pads bank within the school premises. As an embodiment of love and compassion, the team distributed reusable sanitary pads to 9 actively engaged participants and generously donated 53 pads to the school, benefiting a significant portion of the student body.

The Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative remains steadfast in its commitment to creating safe spaces for women and girls, focusing on menstrual hygiene management and facilitating access to hygienic menstrual products. The PADDEDGIRLS project, supported by dedicated members such as Mr Shuaib Habeebullahi, Ms Mariam Abdulkareem, and Ms Odunayo Coker, not only educating and sensitizes but also empowers women and girls in rural communities by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to produce reusable sanitary pads, thereby alleviating period poverty and fostering sustainable change.