In the wake of a highly contested primary election, a leading aspirant for Offa LG under the platform of APC Hon. Suleiman Olatunji Omi-Tuntun has appealed to his teeming supporters to remain calm and patient, awaiting the official announcements from the party after yesterday’s primary election .

In a statement released earlier today, Omi-Tuntun thanked his supporters for their dedication and enthusiasm, acknowledging the anxiety and euphoria that follows a closely contested election. “I understand the eagerness to know the outcome, but I urge you all to remain calm and composed. We must respect the party’s process and await their official announcements, Omituntun said.

Hon. Suleiman expressed confidence in his campaign’s efforts, highlighting the widespread support and momentum gained throughout the period . “We have run a campaign built on unity, development, and transparency. I am proud of our achievements, and I am confident that our message has resonated with the people.”

Hon. Suleiman appreciated party stake holders in Offa local government and Kwara State at large, he however thank the party leadership for a transparent process.

As the party works to finalize the election results, Omituntun called on his supporters to continue their peaceful and respectful conduct, trusting in the democratic process. “We must demonstrate our commitment to democracy and the rule of law. Let us await the party’s announcements with dignity and grace,” Omituntun Concluded.

With the party’s official announcements imminent, Hon. Suleiman Olatunji reiterated his dedication to serving the community, the good people of Offa and working towards a better future for all. “My commitment to our community remains unwavering. I am ready to work with the party and our supporters to achieve our shared goals.” With Omituntun, Offa-tuntun is possible, he concluded.