By Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim (MAI)

Kwara State was created on 27th May, 1967 by General Yakubu Gowon Rtd.

Other States that were created on that same day are; Lagos, Rivers, Kano, Kaduna and Cross River.

This presupposes that our dear State will be 57 Years on 27th May, 2024.

Are we satisfied with the level of development thus far in the last 57 years? 

To me, no and I honestly think that giant strides should be taken and all hands should be on deck so that our dear State would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other states that were created on same day in the foreseeable future.

Be that as it may, I have a dream that “One day Kwara State shall be great with the state of the arts facilities across board and all the communities will be a global  one.”

In the light of the foregoing, I wish to suggest the under listed 10 Key Facts in some Thematc Areas so that we can have a Greater Kwara of my dream:

1. Inclusive Leadership & Governance: In the last couple of weeks most of the Social media platforms I belong to in the State are agog with arguments and counter arguments most especially with respect to the Kwara Hotel Remodeling but I chose to be an onlooker in the quagmire.

To me, had it been there is inclusive leadership and apt governance, there wouldn’t have been any hullabaloo on that Remodeling at all. There is need for improvement in this regard.

2. E-Government/Governance: The  government services would be completely digitalized for effectiveness and uncommon efficiency. This is possible and doable. This will ensure good service delivery within government as well as between government and the public through the deployment of fantastic information and communication technologies.

The aforementioned will reduce to the barest minimum unnecessary frictions and bickering in our dear State.

3. Agricultural Revolution & Value Creation : Kwara State with a land mass of 36,826 km square is one of the 10 largest states in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the land mass is under utilized. There is need to make use of the unutilized land and key into value creation for agricultural produce. This will no doubt increase the IGR.

4. Harmony Model City: At a time like this, there is need to have a model city (industrial and residential). This will create massive employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed and rethink our dear State from a civil service State to an Industrial Hub.

5. Entrepreneurship Development & Leverage : The importance of entrepreneurship development in any nation or country cannot be overemphasized since it propels the economy. Hence my dream for our dear State is to develop as many Entrepreneurs as possible so that they can move the state forward in an accelerated manner, create more jobs and also add value to the IGR of the State.

6. Circular Economy (CE): This is key at a time like this most especially in view of climate change and in order to key into some of the Sustainable Development Goals. Recycling and Power can be tapped effectively from the Circular Economy. This will also generate jobs and huge revenue for the State.

7. Tourism Revival & Renaissance: Revival of the various cultural activities in the various towns and villages at a time like this cannot be overemphasized. This will bring tourists to the state from all over the world. This will no doubt have a multiplier effect on the various Hotels in the State and on the economy as well. There is a need to consciously plan and drive traffic to the State. This will give everyone cool money. A win win situation if you ask me.

8. Digitalization of the State in Line with the 4th Industrial Revolution: This is germane and apt. Not only that, Innovation Hubs should be created in the 3 Senatorial Districts. The aforementioned will lift a lot of people away from poverty completely and then add a lot of value to the IGR of the State in all ramifications.

 To me, security can also be tackled and reduced to the barest minimum in our dear State through the instrumentality of high powered technology.

9. Affordable Healthcare System: There is need for free healthcare services at the Primary Healthcare because most of our people are low income earners and elderly/pensioners whilst the Secondary Healthcare System should have fantastic facilities and be affordable.

10. Nodal State Initiative: Kwara State is naturally blessed because it is a nodal State and with Industrial Parks with good facilities will no doubt revamp the economy of our dear State in an accelerated manner if well planned whilst not precluding keying into the LAKAJI Corridor Initiative as well.

My dream for a Greater Kwara is not limited to the aforementioned 10 Key Facts.  To be continued please!

In Fact this is just a tip of the iceberg.

Together we can make Kwara Great!

It is well!

Long Live Kwara State!!

Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim (MAI) is a Chartered Secretary & Administrator, Entrepreneur cum Social Commentator and can be reached via