Senator Saliu Mustapha Receives Draft Bill for Agricultural Extension Service Revitalization

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Production Services and Rural Development, Senator Saliu Mustapha, on Thursday received a draft bill for the Agricultural Extension Service Revitalization from the Women Farmers’ Advancement Network (WOFAN).

This bill, if passed into law, aims to revitalize the agricultural extension services, which are currently in a state of disrepair.

While receiving the draft bill in his office in Abuja, Senator Mustapha, who represents Kwara Central Senatorial District, expressed gratitude to WOFAN for their dedication and efforts in drafting the bill.

He emphasized the importance of the bill in advancing the agricultural sector and supporting the livelihoods of farmers, particularly women farmers who are vital to the agricultural community.

The Kwara lawmaker noted that the bill will enhance knowledge dissemination, improve farming practices, and boost agricultural productivity and food security.

Senator Mustapha assured WOFAN and stakeholders that he would work diligently to ensure the bill’s passage through the legislative process.